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Episode 215: How Will We Talk to Astronauts on the Moon?

Meet the Expert: Sirina Nabhan, product and data systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory     Sirina Nabhan is a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsions Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2017. There, she...

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Episode 214: How Does a Landscape Architect Shape the World?

Meet the Expert:  Chris Flagg, Landscape Architect The majority of Chris Flagg’s 40-plus years of professional experience have been devoted to transforming his beliefs in design excellence into a higher quality of life through creativity and collaboration. His talents in master planning, community vision planning, large-scale mixed-use planning, transit-oriented and...

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Episode 213: What Can You Learn from Living in Antarctica?

Meet the Expert: Greg Neri, explorer, children’s author G. Neri is the Michael L. Printz and Coretta Scott King award-winning author of such books as Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty and Ghetto Cowboy, which was made into the movie, Concrete Cowboy, starring Idris Elba. His books have...

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Episode 212: How Do You Rescue Raptors?

Meet the Expert: Travis Wilcoxen, Biologist and President of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Raptor Center Travis Wilcoxen is a Professor of Biology. Travis is the Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and CCIW for Millikin University. Travis is also President of the Board of Directors of the...

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Episode 211: What Can We Learn from an Incident Meteorologist?

Meet the Expert: Jon Fox, Incident Meteorologist for National Weather Service in Spokane, Washington I’m am Forecaster and Incident Meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Spokane Washington. I have been working for the National Weather Service since 1990, shortly after I graduated from the University of Wisconsin. I...

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Episode 210: What is the Deep Space Network?

Meet the Expert: Rémy Morgan, Network Operations Analyst for Deep Space Network Rémy Morgan, is a life-long space enthusiast and science communicator, always ready and eager to talk all things galactic, stellar, planetary, or even alien! What started with library rentals of Magic School Bus VHS tapes led to a...

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