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Episode 82: How Do You Make Toilet Paper Soft?

Challenge: Check out the toilet paper you have at your home, or school, or office. Is it 2-ply? 3-ply? Does it feel soft or strong? Or both? Do a...

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Episode 81: Do Whales Have Germs?

Challenge: Make your own agar plates ( maybe something like this:  Petri Dish Kit )  Then find out if you have the same bacteria as your dog/cat? Or as...

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Episode 80: How Much Can a Crane Lift?

Challenge: Build a tower with paper and see if it shakes, then try building one with toothpicks and marshmallows. See how the different shapes that you use will make...

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Episode 79: How Do You Work With Snakes… Safely?

Challenge: Learn about an animal that maybe you are nervous about. Look up information about how it moves, what it eats, how it behaves. Hopefully, if you learn more...

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Episode 78: How Does Music Help Us Learn About Space?

Challenge: Take a very easy melody you know, like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and change it up by adding words about space. OR create a space rap! Share it...

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Episode 77: How Do Engineers Think?

Challenge: When you are walking around the world, think of two things: How Can I do something better?  and What does that connect with? Be aware of your surroundings....

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