Episode 183: Why is the ISS so important?

Meet the Expert:  Erin Winick Anthony, STEM maker, writer, and former NASA engineer

Erin Winick Anthony


Erin is the founder of science communication company STEAM Power Media which works to share the creativity in science and engineering, and help others tell their science stories. Erin has a B.S. in mechanical engineering and more than nine years experience working as a STEM communicator.

Erin previously worked as a science communicator for the International Space Station, serving as a storyteller for the science conducted aboard the orbiting laboratory, and a reporter for MIT Technology Review. From writing stories on station science for NASA.gov covering station science to running the @ISS_Research Twitter account to planning media activities around commercial resupply missions, she was deeply immersed in space science communications for more than three years.




Erin as a child

Erin engineering as a child

Erin working at NASA   Erin as a space influencer



Learn more with about the ISS Benefits for Humanity project landing page   HERE 



Challenge:   Look up when the ISS will be going overhead on this website –>Spot the Station: https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/

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Space Care bookHighlighted book for this episode! 

Spacecare: A Kid’s Guide to Surviving Space by Jennifer Swanson

Filled with answers from actual astronauts, Spacecare is the perfect book for kids who dream of going to space!
Have you ever wondered how astronauts stay healthy in space? What if an astronaut gets sick on the space station? Does snot run in space? This fascinating photo-illustrated look at space and medicine explores how scientists and physicians study astronauts in space, how they help keep them safe, and what we’ve learned about the human body through space exploration. Questions from real kids and answers from astronauts, along with photos from NASA, combine for an out-of-this-world exploration of health.



Book list: 


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