Episode 197: Where Can We Find Life in the Universe?

Meet the Expert: Natasha Carr, MPhysics

Natasha Carr
I’m Natasha, I am a planetary and instrumentation physicist, researching at the University of Leicester and Space Park Leicester for my PhD! I have has a focus in space instrumentation throughout my Masters degree and PhD, from Raman spectroscopy to X-ray telescopes and for planets from Mars to Jupiter. I love talking about life in the Solar System, where we can use the development in technology to understand the possibility of life on other planets!
You can follow Natasha on X here -> https://twitter.com/astronat11


Natasha in lab Natasha graduating




Challenge:  What type of instrument would you design to find life in the universe? Where would you send it? 

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Aliens World book


Alien Worlds: Your Guide to Extraterrestrial Life by David A. Aguilar

Are we alone? Or could life on alien worlds really exist? David A. Aguilar, space artist extraordinaire, shows readers what creatures living on extrasolar planets might be like, using real science and stunning otherworldly illustration.

Just as Earth creatures have adapted to use the air, water, gravity, and other elements of Earth, creatures on planets orbiting distant stars would adapt to their environments. In Alien Worlds, David A. Aguilar explores seven types of alien-friendly worlds and the fun ways the creatures would adapt to the conditions. Accompanied by beautiful photo-realistic artwork, this book will open any kid’s eyes to the likelihood that we are not alone.



Book List: 

DK Readers: Invaders From Outer Space by Philip Brookes (Author)

Where Are the Aliens?: The Search for Life Beyond Earth by Stacy McAnulty (Author), Nicole Miles (Illustrator)

Alien Deep: Revealing the Mysterious Living World at the Bottom of the Ocean by Bradley Hague (Author)

What Do We Know About Alien Abduction? by Kirsten Mayer (Author), Who HQ (Author), Tim Foley (Illustrator)

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