Episode 213: What Can You Learn from Living in Antarctica?

Meet the Expert: Greg Neri, explorer, children’s author

Greg NeriG. Neri is the Michael L. Printz and Coretta Scott King award-winning author of such books as Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty and Ghetto Cowboy, which was made into the movie, Concrete Cowboy, starring Idris Elba. His books have been translated into multiple languages in over 25 countries. They include My Antarctica, Safe Passage, The Collectors, Tru & Nelle, Grand Theft Horse, Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrap the World, Hello, I’m Johnny Cash, and Chess Rumble. In 2017, he was awarded the first of two National Science Foundation grants that sent him to Antarctica; he is currently co-chair of the Antarctic Artists and Writers Collective. In 2023, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from SUNY for his literary and Antarctic outreach. He writes full-time while living on the Gulf Coast of Florida with his wife and daughter. You can find him online at www.gneri.com.


Greg Neri in Antarctica      Greg Neri in Antarctica about to get into a fishing hole


helicopter in Antarctica    Greg Neri at McMurdo Station


See more amazing photos of Greg in Antarctica and learn his story HERE 



Challenge: Think like an Antarctican! Look at your world with fresh eyes, as if you were an explorer. Write or draw or just think about what you see. 

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My Antartica book by Greg Neri


by G. Neri, Illustrated by Corban Wilkin (Candlewick Press)

Antarctica is a land of extremes–the coldest, windiest, highest, and driest place on the planet. It’s a world where the sun stays hidden half of the year and where visitors must undergo a week of special training before it’s safe to go outside (watch out for lava bombs!). It’s also a place of stark beauty, history, and endless scientific research. Join beloved author G. Neri on his long-dreamed-of voyage to the ice, where he taps into his inner child and encounters sea angels, mummified seals, space robots, inquisitive penguins, and so much more.




Book List:

Antarctica: The Melting Continent
Karen Romano Young (Author) Angela Hsieh (Illustrator)

Can You Survive Antarctica?; An Interactive Survival Adventure by Rachael Teresa Hanel

Where Is Antarctica? by Sarah Fabiny

Antarctica by Rebecca Hirsch

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