Episode 80: How Much Weight Can a Crane Lift?

Meet the Expert: Luis Duque, Bridge Engineer

Luis Duque, engineer

My name is Luis Duque and I currently work as a  Bridge Engineer at Foothills Bridge Co. Foothills provides engineered solutions for the erection, retrofitting, and dismantling of bridges. Some interesting projects I have work on recently including various temporary scaffolds and structures on the Golden Gate Bridge and demolition of the Central 70 viaduct in Denver, Colorado.

As a student at South Dakota State University, I conducted research focusing on the inspection of bridges using drones.  This research really sparked my passion for structural engineering, bridges, and technology.

In my spare time, I produce the  Engineering our Future podcast. In the show, I bring guests from all over the world to share their knowledge about engineering, professional development, productivity, and much more.

Also, check out the podcast on  YouTube and the  Newsletter for random bits of knowledge about engineering or any other thing I am working on/learning about.

Beyond the podcast, I volunteer in numerous organizations and activities. I am a firm believer that the knowledge I have is worthless unless I share it and help others through my skills. Some organizations I volunteer with are ASCEEWBSEI, and SHPECheck some of the international projects I have worked on with EWB. The work with these organizations led me to be recognized as one of ten New Faces of Civil Engineering by ASCE in 2020.





Build a tower with paper and see if it shakes, then try building one with toothpicks and marshmallows. See how the different shapes that you use will make it more stable or flexible.

Share a picture of it with us by LEAVING A COMMENT BELOW.   We LOVE hearing from you!! If you liked this episode, leave a comment below OR share with us on our Twitter , Instagram or Facebook page.



Bridges book by Jennifer Swanson

Highlighted book for this Episode! 

Bridges!: With 25 Science Projects for Kids 
by Jennifer Swanson (Author), Bryan Stone (Illustrator)








Book List: 

Building Bridges (Young Engineers) by Tammy Laura Lynn Enz

Bridges and Tunnels: Investigate Feats of Engineering with 25 Projects by Donna Latham (Author), Jenn Vaughn (Illustrator)

Architecture for Kids: Skill-Building Activities for Future Architects by Mark Moreno (Author), Siena Moreno (Author)

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