Episode 94: How Can You Hold the Sun in a Donut?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Arturo Dominguez, Plasma Physicist

Dr. Arturo Dominguez

Dr. Arturo Dominguez, is a plasma physicist and innovative science education leader at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). He has worked there for nearly 10 years and is known for his enthusiasm and passion for teaching students and the public about plasma science and fusion energy, is the head of PPPL’s Science Education Office.



Nuclear fusion

Above, a plasma glows in the RGDX. The experiment involves a glass tube connected to a vacuum pump, encircled by two electromagnetic coils and linked to electrodes at either end of the device. Users can use the controls to change the pressure in the tube, the voltage between the electrodes and the strength of the magnetic field to create the plasma and to make it glow.


Want to learn MORE about Nuclear Fusion? Check out this website by  U.S. Fusion Energy 




Challenge: Take a picture of yourself with a plasma, or just take a picture of the plasma. Then share it with your family, friends, or teachers and explain to them what a plasma is.

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Welcome to the Future book


Highlighted book for this episode! 

Welcome to the Future: Robot Friends, Fusion Energy, Pet Dinosaurs, and More! 

by Kathryn Hulick (Author), Marcin Wolski (Illustrator)






Book List: 

Finding Out about Nuclear Energy by Matt Doeden

Energy (A True Book: Physical Science) by Jacob Batchelor

How Technology Works: The Facts Visually Explained by DK

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