Episode 127: How Do You Build a Backyard Habitat?

Meet the Expert: Sneed Collard, III, award-winning science author and birder

Sneed B. Collard III

Sneed B. Collard III is the author of more than eighty award-winning books including The Prairie Builders—Reconstructing America’s Lost Grasslands, winner of the AAAS/Subaru/Science Books & Films Prize for Excellence in Science Books. Sneed has evolved through several life-history stages on his way to becoming one of today’s leading children’s authors. His first book, Sea Snakes, was published in 1993. His seventy-fifth (or so) book, his memoir Snakes, Alligators, and Broken Hearts—Journeys of a Biologist’s Son, was released in Fall, 2015. In 2006, Sneed was the recipient of the Washington Post Children’s Book Guild Children’s Nonfiction Writer of the Year Award for his body of work.

When Sneed is not writing or publishing, he can often be found speaking to students, conducting teacher workshops, volunteering for his son’s Boy Scout Troop, and walking his new dog, Lola. If you want to be friends with him for life, bring him some home-made chocolate chip cookies and tell him that in person he looks much younger than his photos!

Sneed having fun with birding Sneed releasing a bird


Don’t forget to check out Sneed’s Blog FatherSonBirding!

Sneed and his son






Find that native plants that live in your area by going here: https://www.audubon.org/native-plants

Go to a nursery and pick out plants that are native to your area and plant a few in your backyard.

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Waiting for a Warbler book


Highlighted Book for this Episode!

Waiting for a Warbler by
Sneed B. Collard (Author) Thomas Brooks (Illustrator)








Book List:

Backyard Habitats (Introducing Habitats, 12) by Kelley Macaulay and Bobbie Kalman

The Backyard Bird Sanctuary: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Wild Bird Habitat at Home
by Alan Baczkiewicz

Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard: 101 Ways to Make Your Property Home for Creatures Great and Small by Josh VanBrakle

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