Episode 55: How Do You Find a Hidden Giraffe?

Meet the Expert: David Brown, biologist and wildlife conservationist

David Brown, giraffe scientist

David Brown is a biologist, wildlife conservationist, and environmental educator. He has researched giraffe population genetics, and along with his colleagues discovered that many of the giraffe subspecies in the wild may be distinct species. David has written for National Geographic Kids, Highlights, and Mongabay.com. For Celebrating Africa’s Giants, David authors posters, writes articles, produces the Nature’s Giants with Doug Beetle children’s magazine, promotes the program on social media, and coordinates partnerships with U.S. zoos and institutions.


David writes content for Mongabay Kids a FUN website chock full of news and information from nature’s frontline!  Field Trips with Doug Beetle (a dung beetle) and Sofia Ceiba (a tree).

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Learn more about giraffes in this video by the Houston Zoo!

And also check out this video about one of the Houston Zoo’s BABY GIRAFFES!



Make a poster all about your favorite animal. Include what it looks like, what it eats, where it lives… everything you’d want someone else to know about it. Be sure to talk about how people can help keep to keep it thriving in its environment.

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5 Giraffes Book cover  

Highlighted book  for this podcast!

5 Giraffes by Anne Dagg

The latest in the 5 Animals series, with an introduction by Rob Laidlaw, 5 Giraffes profiles five unique giraffes from both captivity and the wild. Accompanying the five giraffe profiles is information on their diet, social life, and chapters on some of their more unique aspects, like the giraffe’s unusual body. Includes full color photographs throughout, glossary, bibliography, table of contents and index.




Book List: 

Smitten by Giraffe: My Life as a Citizen Scientist by Anne Innis Dagg

The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids: 500 Wild Facts! by Ginjer Clarke

National Geographic Readers: Giraffes Library by Laura Marsh

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