Episode 93: Why Do Dogs and Cats Need to Go to the Doctor?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Michelle Clements, Veterinarian

Dr. Michelle Clements, veterinarian

Dr. Michelle is from Neptune Beach and loves calling Jacksonville home. She has had a close connection with all creatures from an early age – whether it was insects or zoo animals, she was interested in their lives and wanted to care for them. As soon as she was old enough, she began volunteering and working with animals in many capacities. As a teenager, she helped to walk dogs at the local shelter. During college, she worked a s kennel technician, receptionist, and eventually a veterinary nurse. Once she was accepted into veterinary school her life dream was realized. She was even able to travel to South Africa and with safari animals during a student externship.

Dr. Michelle obtained her bachelor’s degree from Florida State and went to vet school at Ross University in St. Kitts. She has been able to experience a very diverse workload around the country and the world. She has worked as a veterinarian in both Colorado and the U.S. Virgin Islands before moving back to Jacksonville. While working in traditional clinics, Dr. Michelle performed many house call visits and came to love this relaxed, close-knit style of veterinary medicine.

You can find Dr. Michelle at her website:  Seaglass Mobile Vet 






Challenge: Teach your pet to do circles. Get a treat and hold it over their head. Move your wrist in a circular motion, trying to get your dog or cat to twirl around. Be patient! Training an animal takes time and patient. But when you’re done, both of you have a better relationship.

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