Episode 210: What is the Deep Space Network?

Meet the Expert: Rémy Morgan, Network Operations Analyst for Deep Space Network

Remy Morgan

Rémy Morgan, is a life-long space enthusiast and science communicator, always ready and eager to talk all things galactic, stellar, planetary, or even alien! What started with library rentals of Magic School Bus VHS tapes led to a degree in astronomy and atmospheric science, as well as a passion for education and outreach.

She worked as a planetarium operator, presenter, manager, and script writer/performer for four years in Colorado before relocating to Southern California last year. Currently, she works as a Network Operations Analyst for the Deep Space Network (DSN), helping dozens of satellites out in deep space talk to us back here on her favorite planet, Earth.





space satellite                    Deep Space Network

Space satellite in the DSN                      Remy Morgan engineer





Challenge: See what the DSN is up to now. Check it out here: https://eyes.nasa.gov/dsn/dsn.html


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Astronaut Aquanaut book

Highlighted Book for this Episode!
Book List:
Suit Up For Launch With Shay! by Sharon Caples McDougle (Author), Cristielle Pimenta (Illustrator)

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