Episode 107: What’s it Like to Live in Antarctica?

Meet the Expert: Karen Romano Young– writer, deep sea diver, and polar explorer

Karen Romano Young

Karen Romano Young is an independent science communications specialist. The award-winning and acclaimed author of 30 books for children — most about science — and illustrator of several graphic fiction and nonfiction books, she publishes with Scholastic, National Geographic, Chronicle, and Twenty-First Century Nonfiction, among others. She is the creator of two science comic series, Humanimal Doodles and #AntarcticLog, created under the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, and has partnered with NPR’s Science Friday, Smithsonian Ocean Portal, and the American Geophysical Union’s Sharing Science, among others, to share visual storytelling as a way to learn and share. As a public communicator, educator, and artist in residence, she has participated in expeditions involving an Antarctic research station, ships in the Arctic and Antarctic, submersibles in the Pacific and Caribbean, and multiple laboratories ashore. I Was A Kid emerged from her experiences talking to thousands of students a year and wishing to bridge their science enthusiasm to college, in order to help STEAM professions reflect the diversity of broader society.  www.KarenRomanoYoung.com



Polar ice in Antarctica

Polar base on Antarctica


Karen by an icebergKaren helping at the South Pole





Draw something from memory without looking at it, then go see it and compare what you drew with what is actually there. Is it similar? Different? What did you learn?

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Antarctica book by Karen Romano Young

Highlighted Book for this episode:

Antarctica: The Melting Continent
Karen Romano Young (Author) Angela Hsieh (Illustrator)







Book List: 

Can You Survive Antarctica?; An Interactive Survival Adventure by Rachael Teresa Hanel

Where Is Antarctica? by Sarah Fabiny

Antarctica by Rebecca Hirsch

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