Episode 110: How Do You Recognize Every Giraffe in the World?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Monica Bond, Wildlife Biologist 

Dr. Monica BondDr. Monica Bond is a wildlife biologist and biodiversity activist with a focus on ecology of wildlife in fire-affected forests and ecology of giraffe and other hoofed mammals in the East African savanna. Her research on use of high-intensity burned forest by Spotted Owls and Black-backed Woodpeckers has led to the protection of much of this habitat type from post-fire salvage logging. She is also working to preserve wildlife migration corridors and giraffe habitat in the Tarangire Ecosystem of northern Tanzania. As an advocate she has monitored public and private lands management activities to ensure adequate protection for imperiled species. She also studied space use by small mammals in Oregon’s grasslands and demography of Northern Elephant Seals and Hawaiian Monk Seals.


Find out what Dr. Monica does here: https://www.africasgiants.org/giraffe.html

How tall is a giraffe?

How tall is a giraffe?

From Dr. Monica!! We just rolled out a new short video (just a few minutes) about a Giraffe Fun Day celebration we held at a primary school in Tanzania. We have an education program in 13 schools around the parks where we do our giraffe research. The education program teaches kids about the savanna and giraffes, and we take kids to the parks to see wildlife and they plant trees and stuff like that. We held a fun day for the community to celebrate giraffes! Check out the video!

At the end, the kids shout “tunapenda twiga’ which means “we love giraffes!”




Mongabay Kids

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AND an interview with Jennifer and Jeff !



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Juma the Giraffe book 

Highlighted book  for this podcast!

Juma the Giraffe by Dr. Monica Bond








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