Episode 118: How Easy it is to Land a Helicopter on a Ship?

Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Booker, Retired Coast Guard Pilot and Female Aviation Advocate

Liz Booker, retired Coast Guard Pilot

Elizabeth Book  transitioned to full-time writer in 2019 after a 28-year career as a Coast Guard helicopter pilot and foreign diplomat. She holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She continues to fly, pursuing an extensive aviation bucket-list—a.k.a. ‘research’.

You can find out more about Elizabeth and help support female aviators at her website, https://aviatrixbookreview.com/



What Does the Coast Guard Do?

CG helicopter and ship

DESTIN, Fla. (Aug. 24, 2005) – A 47-foot rescue boatcrew from Coast Guard Station Destin performs a basket hoist today with an HH-65B Dolphin rescue aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans. Coast Guard boatcrews are required to perform hoisting drills in order to prepare for search and rescue missions. U.S. Coast Guard photograph by Petty Officer 2nd Class NyxoLyno Cangemi




According to their website, gocoastguard.com:


Semper Paratus – Always Ready.
That is our Coast Guard motto.

The Coast Guard is one of our nation’s five military services. We exist to defend and preserve the United States. We protect the personal safety and security of our people; the marine transportation system and infrastructure; our natural and economic resources; and the territorial integrity of our nation–from both internal and external threats, natural and man-made. We protect these interests in U.S. ports and inland waterways, along the coasts, on international waters.

We are a military, multi-mission, maritime force offering a unique blend of military, law enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities. These capabilities underpin our three broad roles: maritime safety, maritime security, and maritime stewardship. There are 11 missions that are interwoven within these roles.




Learn about a female aviator — other than Amelia Earhart– and share her story with your friends and family.

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High FLyers book


Highlighted book for this episode!


High Flyers: 15 Inspiring Women Aviators and Astronauts 
by Ann McCallum Staats






Book List: 

Talkin’ About Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books)
by Nikki Grimes and E. B. Lewis

Amelia Earhart: Legendary Aviator (Graphic Biographies)
by Jameson Anderson (Author), Charles Barnett III (Illustrator), Rod Whigham (Illustrator)

101 Trailblazing Women of Air and Space: Aviators and Astronauts
by Dr. Penny Rafferty Hamilton


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