Episode 119: How is Cloud Watching Helpful for Science?

Meet the Expert: Jessica Taylor, physical scientist and principal investigator for NASA’s GLOBE Clouds Project

Jessica Taylor


Jessica Taylor grew up in Florida where her love of thunderstorms led her to pursue a career in atmospheric science. Jessica’s participation in GLOBE began in 2001 as a student at Florida State University. Now as a Physical Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, Jessica is the Principal Investigator for GLOBE Clouds. GLOBE Clouds recently celebrated a huge milestone: reaching one million satellite matches to GLOBE citizen science data. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys spending time on the beach with her family.




What is GLOBE Clouds?

Spacey Casey With Cloud Window– credit NASA

Check out the AWESOME resources on these websites for watching clouds, recording your observations, and sending it to NASA!



Want to see what clouds look like from space? Take a look at this video taken of the Earth

from the ISS (International Space Station)




Make observations of the sky. There is no right or wrong! Just write, draw, or talk about what you observe with your family. Here is a  family guide which talks about multiple ways to make observations.  Then consider checking out  the GLOBE Observer app.

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Learn About Clouds Book


Highlighted Book for this Episode! 

Learn about Clouds (Glass Jar Science)
by Golriz Golkar (The Child’s World)







Book List:

National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away 
by Kathy Furgang

What’s the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global Warming by Fraser Ralston and Judith Ralston

A Drop Around the World: The Science Of Water Cycles On Planet Earth For Kids
by Barbara Shaw McKinney (Author), Michael S. Maydak (Illustrator)

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