Episode 135: How Do You Power a Spacecraft?

Meet the Expert: Carl Sandifer, Manager, Radioisotope Power Systems Program, NASA Glenn Research Center

Carl SandiferMr. Carl E. Sandifer II is the Chief of the Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) Program Office in  the Space Flight Systems Directorate at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Research Center (GRC).  In this position, Mr. Sandifer also serves as the RPS
Program Manager for the Planetary Science Division (PSD) of the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) to enable or significantly enhance the ability for missions to meet their science objectives.

Prior to this role, Mr. Sandifer served as the Deputy Chief for the Space Science Project Office at Glenn. In conjunction with the chief, he managed the science portfolio at GRC with the exception of Biological and Physical Sciences. Including, but not limited to, the negotiation and development of new technologies, instruments, and systems to enable science missions throughout the solar system and beyond, in conjunction with other NASA centers, mission directorates, industry and academia.




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NASA Power to Explore Program


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Do the Power to Explore Student Challenge! And if you don’t  make the current one, wait, and there will be another one. Look around at the type of energy that you use every day. Where do you think it comes from?

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Welcome to the Future book

Highlighted Book for this Episode! 

Welcome to the Future: Robot Friends, Fusion Energy, Pet Dinosaurs, and More! 
by Kathryn Hulick (Author), Marcin Wolski (Illustrator)







Book List: 

Energy (A True Book: Physical Science) by Jacob Batchelor

Finding Out about Nuclear Energy (Searchlight Books ™ ― What Are Energy Sources?) by Matt Doeden

DKfindout! Energy by Emily Dodd


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