Episode 146: What Does a Primatologist Do?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Mireya Mayor, Primatologist, Explorer, “Her Wildness”

Dr. Mireya MayorDr. Mireya Mayor is a world-renowned primatologist and explorer, an award winning TV host and a recognized science communicator. As National Geographic’s first female wildlife correspondent, Mireya has hosted dozens of documentaries, including her own Nat Geo Wild! series Wild Nights with Mireya Mayor and Mark Burnett’s Expedition Africa for History Channel. Mireya currently stars in Travel Channel’s hit series, Expedition Bigfoot. But the former NFL cheerleader, daughter of Cuban immigrants, and mother of six, is not your typical scientist.

​Mireya is known for exploring the most remote regions of the earth in search of elusive, rare and little known animals. Her explorations have led to several scientific discoveries, most notably her co-discovery in Madagascar of the world’s smallest primate, a brand new species to science.

​In addition to her regular TV appearances, Dr. Mayor is also the Director of Exploration and Science Communications at Florida International University (FIU) and regularly gives lectures around the country for the National Geographic Speakers Bureau.


More images with Dr. Mayor!  Check out her website HERE:

Dr. Mayor on TV    Dr. Mayor with a penguin



Challenge: Put on the muddy boots of an explorer. Go outside, listen, observe, and take notes of what you see. Be curious about the world around you! 

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Just Wild Enough
Featured Book for this Episode! 
Just Wild Enough: Mireya Mayor, Primatologist (She Made History)by Marta Magellan (Author), Clémentine Rocheron (Illustrator)
Book List: 
Lemurs (Amazing Animals) by Valerie Bodden
Go Wild! Lemurs by Alli Brydon
Ring-Tailed Lemurs by Victoria Blakemore
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  1. Such a great podcast! Fun and educational at the same time. Congratulations all of you involved. You made a great choice for this episode. Dr. Mireya is certainly an interesting person.

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