Episode 154: How Do You Slow Down a Spaceship?

Meet the Expert:  Julie Wolfson,  Orion Program Risk Manager at Lockheed Martin

Julie Wolfson

In this role, she works to ensure that Orion risks to the success of every Artemis mission are
identified early and handled properly. She collaborates with engineers from multiple disciplines
analyzing technical and safety concerns, and finance staff to accurately assess the potential
cost and schedule impact of risks. In November she had the privilege of viewing the Artemis I
launch from the Kennedy Space Center. Her focus now is on both Artemis II and Artemis III, the
first two crewed Artemis missions.

Julie recently served as the Chair for the Lockheed Martin Space Women’s Impact Network
(WIN), which comprises over 2,500 members across 12 locations. In 2021 she received the
WIN Mission Award. She was recognized specifically for positively impacting the recruitment of
female representation, increasing employee retention rates, and the advancement of women at
Lockheed Martin.
Julie has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Memphis and a
Systems Engineering Certificate from Colorado State University. She enjoys living in beautiful
Colorado with her husband and daughter.


Orion with parachutes open


What is the Orion Spacecraft?

Read this cool  page on Lockheed Martin’s website about Orion –> HERE


Julie selfie at Artemis 1 launch

Julie selfie at Artemis 1 launch




Challenge:   Did you know that they are as big as a football field? Next time you go by a football field, imagine  the parachutes stretched out across all of it. 

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