Episode 168: How Can You Use NASA’s Data to Solve a Problem?

Meet the Expert:  Cindy Chin, NASA Datanaut

Cindy ChinCindy is an entrepreneur, venture strategist, solutions leader, and a cultural ambassador of the arts and sciences. As an advisor, she serves on advisory boards for several startup and innovation projects (AVA, Vault 12, SVB Brain Trust) in a spectrum of frontier technologies.

She is an opportunity scout for CLC Advisors’ global network of VCs, investors, and LP partners, and a supporter of global entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems in growing arenas of venture capital: artificial intelligence, geospatial satellite technologies, quantum computing, blockchain, and data in frontier technologies.

She is a global strategic thought leader, a sought-after speaker, and a member of the NASA Datanauts, one of NASA’s Women in Data open innovation program initiatives operating within the Office of the Chief Information Officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. She is also an Ambassador for NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge, the largest hackathon on the planet, and a Fellow of the RSA, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.


WHERE CAN YOU FIND NASA DATA?  https://data.nasa.gov/

The information listed below if from NASA’s data.nasa.gov site:

What type of data is available on Data.nasa.gov?

There are thousands of public datasets on data.nasa.gov.

To give the public a better understanding of the different types of datasets available, a data visualization page has been created entirely dedicated to helping our users gain a better understanding as to what kind of data they can expect to find.


NASA data tree map

Courtesy nasa.data.gov


NASA logo





Challenge: Look over the NASA Data Apps Challenge and pick one to participate in. 

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Beyond book by Miranda Paul


Highlighted book for this episode! 

Beyond: Discoveries from the Outer Reaches of Space
by Miranda Paul (Author), Sija Hong (Illustrator)







Book List: 

How We Got to the Moon: The People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity’s Greatest Adventure by John Rocco

The Hubble Space Telescope: Our Eye on the Universe by Terence Dickinson and Tracy Read

Exoplanets by Seymour Simon

Astronaut-Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact 
by Jennifer Swanson

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