Episode 177: What’s it like to Live Underwater?

Meet the Expert: Liz Magee, Aquanaut

Liz Magee, Aquanaut

Liz Magee is an Aquanaut and the Business and Operations Manager, formerly serving as the Diving Safety Officer, for Northeastern University at the Marine Science Center in Nahant, MA. She has been a research diver for 10 years, beginning as an undergraduate student in the Three Seas Program at Northeastern University, and now has logged more than one thousand research dives. Magee’s diving career includes time spent working for UC Santa Barbara’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s (SONGS) Mitigation and Monitoring Program studying the success of the an artificial reef implemented in the waters off of the coast of Southern California. Prior to joining Northeastern University, Magee has fed and cared for sharks, rays and turtles as a Giant Ocean Tank diver and Aquarist at the New England Aquarium. While in college she spent her summers teaching SCUBA diving to teens in the temperate kelp forests of Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California. She is passionate about helping young divers enter the science diving field.


Liz in her Mission 31 suit

Liz Magee in her aquanaut suit                      Liz Magee having fun


Liz, with Sylvia, the giant grouper

Liz looking at the giant grouper, “Sylvia”




Challenge:  See if you can make an object neutrally buoyant. Take a look at this video to learn how: https://youtu.be/ov-KA5s047Q?si=SJb1wE6EqtSb81bI

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Highlighted book for this episode!

Astronaut-Aquanaut by author Jennifer Swanson, NGKids Books

Journey from the deepest trenches in the oceans to the farthest humans have ventured into space and learn what it takes to explore the extremes. You might just be surprised by how similar the domains of ASTRONAUTS and AQUANAUTS really are. Liz Magee, Dr. Helmuth, Fabien Cousteau, and Astronaut Cady Coleman are featured experts in this book.



Otis and Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphereby Barb Rosenstock (Author), Katherine Roy (Illustrator)

The Oceanology Handbook: A Course For Underwater Explorers (Ologies) by Prof. Pierre Aronnax

Marine Science for Kids: Exploring and Protecting Our Watery World, Includes Cool Careers and 21 Activities by Bethanie Hestermann, Josh Hestermann, and Stephanie Arne (Foreword)

Life in the Ocean: The Story of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle  by Claire A. Nivola (Author, Illustrator)

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