Episode 178: What’s it like to fly a plane across the Ocean?

Meet the Expert: Cran Middlecoat, pilot and aerospace nerd

Cran Middlecoat, pilotBorn in Brisbane, Cran has had a lifelong obsession with all things aerospace. Being a pilot since the age of 16, his career has taken him from flying clinic runs for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in outback Australia, to being qualified on multiple commercial jet airliner types. Cran currently flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with one of Australia’s leading international airlines.

Cran is also a qualified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) controller, being one of the first in Australia to be granted Chief Pilot approval by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. This position involved overseeing and facilitating a basic drone controllers training program for Brisbane high school students.

Another keen interest shared jointly with his sons, is rocketry. During Australia’s first International Model Rocketry meet in 2015, Cran witnessed how engaging rocketry was for children of all ages and developed It’s Rocket Science Adventures to promote the significant educational benefits that the science of rocketry and flight could offer all school students across multiple subjects. With his love of public speaking and passion for aero-science, it is Cran’s desire to inspire the aerospace professionals of tomorrow.


Cran has a passion for teaching kids about aerospace engineering and aviation! 

Cran with a experimental rocket       Cran in a small plane   cran with a giant rocket


You can learn more about his company HERE!

Be sure to take a look at all of the COOL things that Cran does in his presentations and FLIGHT & SPACE BASED HOLIDAY ADVENTURES!




Challenge: Go outside and see if you can see a cool plane. Or perhaps ask your parents to take you to an airport to watch planes take off and land. Share with your family (or with Cran! your picture) 

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