Episode 195: How Can You Use Music to get Kids Excited about STEM?

Meet the Expert: Victor Villegas, Digital and Technology Coordinator for Oregon State University by day and the “DroneSinger” at night

Victor Villegas Drone Singer

Having grown up in a family with a love for music, Victor has been playing and composing music since he was young. He is a bilingual singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, puppeteer and technologist who is passionate about creative youth STEAM education. During the day, he works at Oregon State University as the Digital & Technology Adoption Coordinator, but most people know him as “DroneSinger”, the “Weird Al of Drones” – world’s #1 creator of parody songs about drones and STEAM edutainer. He loves combining the Arts and technology to engage and spark children’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

DroneSinger on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dronesinger/

DroneSinger website: https://www.dronesinger.com/

Mariachi STEAM website: http://mariachisteam.com/


Don’t forget to check out these AWESOME Drone Singer videos, too!!

“If You Get a Drone for Christmas” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s2Yh3syRe0

“Star Wars Drones” https://youtu.be/PuFIJarmhos?si=SfHVV6aWsUM7ln6D



Challenge:    Pick a topic you are interested in. Use the Wagon framework to fill in a fact for each of the four “wheels” then create a song or poem or story about your topic. Share with friends and family. 

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Highlighted Book for this episode

Story of the Orchestra : Listen While You Learn About the Instruments, the Music and the Composers Who Wrote the Music! 
by Robert Levine (Author), Meredith Hamilton (Illustrator), Black Dog & Leventhal

Eye-catching illustrations and an accompanying 70-minute CD make this an exciting and educational introduction to the world of classical music-from composers and music history to the instruments of the orchestra-for elementary age children (and parents, too!).
Each step of the way, children can listen to actual musical examples of what they are learning about. Young readers will hear the sound of an actual violin as they study the instrument and enjoy the playful tune of a Mozart minuet as they read about the composer’s precocious exploits as a child.


Book List: 

Turn It Up!: A pitch-perfect history of music that rocked the world  by NGKids Books

The Ultimate Guide to Music: A Fascinating Introduction to Music and the Instruments of the Orchestra by Joe Fullman (Sterling Books)

Save the Crash-test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson (author) and TeMika Grooms (illustrator) – Peachtree Publishing

The Hubble Space Telescope: Our Eye on the Universe by Terence Dickinson,  Tracy Read   (Firefly Books)

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