Episode 198: How Do You Turn Old Wind Turbine Blades into Functional Art?

Meet the Expert:  Brian Donahue, Managing Partner, Canvus, Inc.

Brian Donahue

Canvus is a manufacturer of furniture made from wind turbine blades. 5,000-8,000 wind turbine blades are retired each year. The wind industry has struggled with recycling them due to their massive size, durability, and fiberglass material. Canvus created a solution for these blades by upcycling them at scale into furniture designed for communities, parks, and schools.

We developed products that not only serve essential function needed in our public spaces, but also bring a sense of excitement and uniqueness.

All our upcycled benches, planters, and picnic sets are fully assembled, maintenance-free, and built to last 25+ years. In solving a problem, we created a new opportunity for the renewable industry to give back to their communities. Our Request Program allows companies with a commitment to renewable energy to make a positive impact in public spaces by donating sustainable furniture to communities across the U.S.



Discover all of the AMAZING ART on Canvus’ website HERE –> https://www.gocanvus.com/


Finished pieces of art from Canvus

Old Wind Turbine blade turned into art
  These are finished pieces of art made from old wind turbine blades by Canvus

Artists painting old wind turbine blades

Artist painting old wind turbine blades

Artists painting old wind turbine blades for Canvus



Challenge:  Find items that are normally recycled and turn them into art. 

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What a Waste book


Highlighted Book for this Episode!

What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet by Jess French (Author)



Book List!

The Power of the Wind Harvested – Understanding Wind Power for Kids Children’s Electricity Books by Baby Professor

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Picture Book Edition by William Kamkwamba (Author), Bryan Mealer (Author), Elizabeth Zunon (Illustrator)

Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future With 20 Projects by Joshua Sneideman (Author), Erin Twamley (Author), Heather Jane Brinesh (Illustrator)

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