Episode 199: What Would it Look Like if We Lived in Space?

Meet the Expert: John Shoffner, Axiom-2 pilot and astronaut

IJohn Shoffner, commercial astronautn May 2023, astronaut, STEAM advocate, and business pioneer John Shoffner served as Pilot on Axiom Space Ax-2 mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Throughout the duration of his mission, he hosted live events with schools around the world, demonstrating life in microgravity. While on orbit, Shoffner captured educational videos to excite the next generation of space enthusiasts, facilitated an International Art and Poetry contest that garnered over 930 entries from 26 countries, and participated in multiple life science research experiments that will shape the future of space exploration. The Ax-2 mission makes Shoffner the 598th person to orbit the Earth. He is also the first Alaska-born astronaut of record.

Today, Shoffner aims to use his recent space flight experience to help educators find new ways to excite young students to become curious and life-long learners. Through the launch of the Perseid Foundation, his new mission is to promote STEAM education and encourage educators/students to discover their inner voice so they don’t have to wait a lifetime to fulfill their dreams like John did. The Perseid Foundation works to bring world leading partnerships to its schools across Appalachia with programs for improving the learning culture in classrooms and STEAM curriculum development.


John Shoffner in space                        The International Space Art Poetry Contest


From Classroom to Cosmos: Kids and Educators Invited to Enter Second Annual
International Space Art and Poetry Contest for Chance to See Their Creations in Space

Space Art Contest

Learn more HERE –>33  https://www.competitionsciences.org/competitions/international-space-art-poetry-contest/

Space Art in the ISS




Challenge:  Enter the Space Art Challenge with a drawing, a poem, or a story of your own! 

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Space Care book

Highlighted book for this episode! 

Spacecare: A Kid’s Guide to Surviving Space by Jennifer Swanson

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