Episode 27: Why Would You Want to Break a Flying Car?

Meet the Expert:  Anthony Hazlett,  Aeronautical Engineer

Anthony received his BS in Aeronautical Engineering from RPI in 2013. Anthony completed a focused GE Aviation technical course on turbine engine design. He has an MS in Engineering Management from Tufts.  Anthony’s GE experiences include working in the PEC supporting F414 Single Engine Mechanical Systems, working in F414 Engine Test as a test engineer who ran jet engines in a lab environment, and working in Inlets & Exhaust systems design leading a customer focused effort. He worked at Terrafugia, as Engineering Manager – Test & Flight Operations where he was responsible for all test activities of materials, component & vehicle driving & flight testing. Finally, in his current role, Anthony is responsible for the design, manufacture, and integration of the F414-400 into NASA’s X-59 QueSST Demonstration vehicle. Outside of work, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda hiking and kayaking. He is currently restoring a 1974 Corvette Stingray, and homebrews beer on occasion.

As a test engineer, Anthony was responsible for testing all parts of the engine of the flying car to make sure it works. He is looking FOR failure. Watch this video to learn how an engine works to understand his job:


The Flying Car prototype that Anthony was working on was being built by Terrafugia.

It is called The Transition and is a car that can also fly. (shown below)

copyright Terrafugia




Design your own Flying Car. Follow the steps HERE

Draw a picture of it and with your parents permission, send us your picture via email at podcast@solveitforkids.com OR

tag us on our Twitter or Instagram account @kidssolve

If you send in your challenge OR just leave a comment below about the episode, you will be entered into a giveaway to win a FREE copy of the book listed below.


Highlighted book for this Episode! 

Save the Crash-test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson (author) and TeMika Grooms (illustrator) – Peachtree Publishing

Cars take us to work. To school. To soccer practice. To the grocery store and home again. Can you imagine a world without them? Filled with fun four‐wheeled nuggets of history and explanations of how cars actually work, this nonfiction book from former science educator and award-winning author Jennifer Swanson will appeal to lovers of all things that go and readers who are interested in getting in under the hood and seeing how things work.





Book List

Car Science: An Under-the-Hood, Behind-the-Dash Look at How Cars Work by Richard Hammond (DK Kids)

Cool Cars by Quentin Willson (DK Kids)

Dream Cars: Chronicle of Design and Performance by Publications International Ltd. (Author), Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

How Are Supercars Made? by Baby Professor

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