Episode 43: How Do We Remember Things?

Meet the Expert: ÉTIENNE (Steven) Langlois, Teacher- Rockstar

picture of Steven Langlois

Steven “ÉTIENNE” Langlois is an award-winning teacher-rockstar and author of the #1 best-selling book “Rock Your Class.” When he’s not performing for millions of fans in packed theaters and arenas worldwide or teaching in packed classrooms back home, he’s busy helping K-12 teachers rock their classes with expert engagement strategies.

Étienne has spent the better part of three decades teaching K-12 in many subject areas while taking on various leadership roles as Department Head, Instructional PD Coach, Mentor, and District Program Coordinator.

Winner of multiple educational “lifetime achievement” awards, and Canada’s Artist of the Year honors, he has also worked as an author and consultant  for leading educational publishing companies in Canada, USA and Europe, developing effective curriculum content.

Etienne Langlois performing at a concer    Etienne Langlois performing with kids

A cultural icon, Étienne  has had his songs sung live on TV by Justin Bieber and been name-dropped on SNL He is the O.G. of teacher-rockstars and host of the popular weekly educational gameshow Rock Your Class Kahoot hosted live online on the SchoolRubric network every Thursday at 2:30pm EST.

Check out this Kahoot below!!



Listen to    math Raps. Give them a try, then make one of your own!


To speed from zero to more at any rate

That increase of speed means accelerate

Acceleration is how fast velocity ranges

Watch for the time and distance changes

Acute Triangles

Some triangles aren’t right, some are just ugly

Others are acute, with little angles so snuggly

Like in all triangles, acute angles come in threes

But every single one of them is less than 90 degrees



Angles should not perplex

Two points meet at the vertex

The amount of turn between two lines

Try some, make some, you’ll be fine

If you create your rap, share it with us by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram or emailing us through our website podcast@solveitforkids.com You could be entered to win a free copy of the book below


Book cover for Rock Your Class

Book Giveaway for this episode

Rock Your Class by Étienne Langlois



SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase the book, let us know and you could be entered to win a one year enrolment to the ROCK YOUR CLASS PD course of your  choice! That is a $99 value. There are three to choose from. Here is the Amazon link for the book: https://www.amazon.com/Rock-Your-Class-Creatively-Teacher-Rockstar/dp/1775248011/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1613597380&sr=8-1





Book List: 

National Geographic Kids Brain Games: The Mind-Blowing Science of Your Amazing Brain
by Jennifer Swanson

What’s the Point of Math? by DK

How to Be Good at Science, Technology, and Engineering by DK


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