Episode 77: How Do Engineers Think?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Cory Hixon, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Dr. Cory HixonAfter earning his B.S. in Engineering Science at Penn State University, Dr. Cory Hixson began working as an audio-video engineer/designer. He then made a career transition to teach high school physics.

Having sparked his love for education, Dr. Hixson went back to school to earn his M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and his Ph.D. in Engineering Education.

His first faculty job was at Rowan University in southern New Jersey, where he had the honor of helping develop their first-year engineering and B.S. in Engineering Entrepreneurship programs. Dr. Hixson is now an assistant professor of engineering at Colorado Christian College in their  Industrial & Systems Engineering program.

Dr. Cory Hixson has successfully fostered university-industry (U-I) partnerships and entrepreneurial-minded learning (EML), which will be an essential part of the CCU engineering program. U-I partnerships and EML extend the impact of CCU’s program beyond classroom learning and provide students with the real-world knowledge and experiences needed to excel after graduation.



When you are walking around the world, think of two things:

How Can I do something better?  and What does that connect with? Be aware of your surroundings. See if you can come up with ways to make something better. Then ask yourself, How would that impact everyone involved? This is how engineers think!

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Book List for this episode:

Save the Crash-test Dummies Book

Save the Crash-test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson (Author), TeMika Grooms (Illustrator)






The Fascinating Engineering Book for Kids: 500 Dynamic Facts! by Dr. Jacie Maslyk

Engineered!: Engineering Design at Work by Shannon Hunt (Author), James Gulliver Hancock (Illustrator)

The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay



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