Episode 157: What Can We Learn from Volcanoes?

Meet the Expert:  Skylar Hughes, volcano expert and tour guide for Big Island VIP

Skylar Hughes, volcano tour guideSkylar Hughes is a private volcano tour guide on The Big Island of Hawaii. Originally from Steamboat Springs Colorado, he spent much of his time in nature and the outdoors. In need of change and scenery he first made his way to Hawaii in 2014. Falling in love with the culture and islands of Hawaii he studied the islands and what created them the volcanoes. Today he is a private guide with Big Island VIP and enjoys showing tourist everyday the wonders of our volcanoes.





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Big Island VIP tour van



Skylar Hughes volcano expert, in a lava tube            Erupting Hawaiian volcano

Skylar standing in front of a lava tube                           Kilauea eruptions



Challenge:   Learn about the type of rock found in Hawaiian islands that make up volcanoes. 

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Absolute Expert Volcanoes Book

Highlighted Book for this Episode!

Absolute Expert: Volcanoes (National Geographic Kids) by Lela Nargi







Book List:

Volcanoes by Gail Gibbons

All About Volcanoes  by Libby Romero

The Magic School Bus Presents: Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Tom Jackson and Carolyn Bracken

Dr. E’s Super Stellar Solar System: Massive Mountains! Supersize Storms! Alien Atmospheres! by Bethany Ehlmann and Jennifer Swanson


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