Episode 99: Why Would You Fly into a Hurricane?

Meet the Expert:  LCDR Rebecca (Becky) Shaw, NOAA hurricane hunter

LCDR Becky Shaw

Rebecca Shaw is a Wp-3D Hurricane Hunter & Test Pilot at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Experienced Test Pilot with a demonstrated history of working in the Military industry, she has a  Master’s Degree in Space Systems Engineering from John’s Hopkins University and graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 2009. She is passionate about aerospace, education and advocacy for Women in STEM.






See if you can track a storm by getting two positions from the National Weather Service to try and track a storm and predict where it goes.

And/OR see if you can predict how many major hurricanes we will have in a year, how many names we will get through, etc.

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Eye of the Storm book


Highlighted book for this episode! 

Eye Of The Storm: NASA, Drones, and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code by Amy Cherrix





Book List:

All About Hurricanes (A True Book: Natural Disasters) by Cody Crane

Extreme Weather! Weather For Kids Book On Storms: Hurricanes, Tornados, Blizzards, Thunderstorms & Much More  by Leanne Annett

National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away
by Kathy Furgang

Hurricanes by Seymour Simon

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